Children's Church Ministry

Welcome to the family of More Than Conquerors Faith Church. As your Pastor, I would like to thank God for you having the sensitivity of knowing that this is the place where He would have you and your family rooted.

We have designed a wonderful children's ministry to meet their specific needs. We offer ministry for the nursing mother and child up to the school age child - (0-12 year old). Our skillful teachers and helpers willingly go the extra mile to make your little one feel at home. So relax, be confident in knowing that God has a great plan for your child and know that it begins unfolding right here, right now!


Pastor & Mrs. Steve Green


It is the vision of our Pastor and the MTC Children's Ministry to teach the children the Word of God, preach to them the gospel of Jesus Christ, and train them to become disciples to effectively reach this city, state and world for the Lord. Name: Overcomers Conquering Kids (CK") Teaching Methods - In an effort to minister according to different learning styles, the following characters and teaching supplements are utilized to ensure that the children grasp what is being taught: Darling Duck (Puppet) for 2-5 yr. Olds. Rovercomer our "Faith Dog" (Mascot who teaches bible truths and scriptures.) Deputy Dugan (Assist t

eachers with ministering scripture memorization.) Adventures in Faith (Bible themes are emphasized on overhead projector stories.) Video Presentations

(Scriptures and bible stories are taught through "Book of Books Video" and "Zion 7 Reports Video." Bible Blessing Dollars are awarded to children for bringing their own bible, answering questions and more! Children can redeem the dollars for prizes from the Redemption Store on Fun Sunday @

Bethesda. Children participate in various activities the last Sunday in each month for the 11:00 a.m. service. They will be escorted to the Center from the Overflow facilities. Parents are to pick them up at Bethesda.

Children's Church Ministry

Nursery - 2 yr. Old (Not potty trained) Our nursery and toddler's room is bright and colorful designed for the comfort of your little one. Nursery is provided for all services.

2-3 Year Old - (Potty Trained) This age group has their own room specifically designed with bright red, yellow, and blue tables and chairs, just right for their size and conducive for learning.

4-5 Year Old - This classroom setting is also filled with bright colors, TV, VCR, and plenty of other learning tools.

6-12 (School Age) This age group takes a more active role in learning when it comes to scripture memorization, puppetry, and drama. All of the children are rewarded bible bucks for bringing their bibles to church.

Scriptures To Stand On...

Rev. 21:7a - He (Our Children) that overcometh shall inherit all things...

Rev. 12: 11 - And they (our children) overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of His testimony.

Rev. 2:7...To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life...

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